Picture of Rob Mayes and Chase W. Together

When Quint announced the two lead castmembers on AintItCool.com, for some reason he didn’t say who would be playing John and who would be playing Dave. This lead to countless retarded arguments among my friends, retarded because I was insisting that Chase would be playing John. Well, when this photo was published, I realized I was totally wrong.

It’s really obvious now that Chase W. is playing Dave (who is pale-skinned and a little overweight), and Rob is playing the devastatingly handsome John. I can’t even remember why I thought otherwise. Maybe I was biased because I know what the real people the characters are based on look like. They both look perfect for the parts.


IMDB page, finally!

IMDB has finally caught up with the rest of the Internet and created a cast page for JDatE. It officially confirms Chase Williamson as Dave, and Rob Mayes as John. I’d take the rest of the information with a grain of salt, because IMDB isn’t always accurate, but Chase did mention it on his twitter without correcting anything.

New information: Allison Weissman as Shelly Morris. You know, from the prologue? Don Coscarelli mentioned the Meat Monster on his twitter, so I guess we know now that they’re filming the prologue. That’s pretty awesome.

We also have a number of people in unnamed parts, and Jimmy Wong as Fred Chu. Also, apparently the book was written by three different guys all named David Wong. Like I said, take it for what it’s worth, no more. I’m pretty sure the listing for Shelly is correct, though.

Cast Announced for “John Dies at the End”

Which reminds me, I need to write a thing about the book that this movie is based on.

Don Coscarelli, director

Don Coscarelli, Paul Giamatti, Dan Carey, Brad Baruh, producers

Michael Gioulakis, cinematographer

Janelle Marsh, assistant wardrobe designer


Chase Williamson …. David Wong

Rob Mayes …. John

???? …. Amy Sullivan*

Paul Giamatti …. Arnie Blondestone

Clancy Brown …. Dr. Albert Marconi

Doug Jones …. Robert North1

Glynn Turman … Morgan Freeman/Dt. Appleton

Allison Weissman … Shelly

Daniel Roebuck … Largeman

Jimmy Wong … Fred Chu

????? …. Jennifer Lopez*

????? … Big Jim Sullivan*

?????…. Shitload*

?????… Robert Marley*

?????… Fred Durst

Angus Scrimm …. ?????


1 Quint from AintItCool.com said he was playing Roger North, but surely that’s some kind of typo. Incidentally there’s a lot of joy in typing up a character list that includes Jennifer Lopez, Bob Marley, and Morgan Freeman, and none of them are the famous people.  (Fred Durst is the famous Fred Durst though.)